Benefits of Hydro-Excavation and Why You Should Consider It

Excavating can be a crucial step for a number of residential and commercial plumbing jobs. However, many property owners aren’t keen on the idea of their landscape being torn up by traditional excavation methods. Hydro-excavation is a popular alternative for digging and moving soil that provides property owners several benefits.

Serving North and Central New Jersey, Arrow Sewer & Drain is one of the few companies that has its own hydro-excavation equipment. Here we detail the benefits of hydro-excavating and why clients should consider it.

What Is Hydro-Excavation?

Hydro-excavation, also referred to as hydro-vac excavation, is a method for removing soil. Unlike traditional excavating methods that involve using mechanical tools, hydro-excavation combines the power of high-pressure water and an industrial-strength vacuum. Applications for this method can include:
  • Laying subsurface utilities
  • Potholing or daylighting
  • Pipe and sewer rehabilitation
  • Cold-weather trenching and digging
Hydro-excavation involves a few different steps. The process begins with cutting through the soil from the designated area using pressurized water. Next, the soil is suctioned and then transferred to a debris tank.
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The Advantages

When hydro-excavating is used, clients can expect several benefits, such as:

Precision Accuracy

Traditional methods of excavating make it very difficult to cut precisely into the ground. The heavy machinery often used in traditional excavation work tends to create a larger mess, which can leave homeowners and commercial property owners dissatisfied.

Hydro-excavation solves this concern. The specialized vacuum and pressurized water used to get rid of the dirt makes it simpler and more accurate to operate. The intensity of the water pressure allows for extremely accurate results, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

Limits Risk of Damage to Utility Lines

Whenever you’re digging into the ground with traditional excavation methods, there will always be a risk of hitting utility lines. Affecting utility lines can result in potentially dangerous conditions and lead to long and expensive repairs.

The accuracy demonstrated by hydro-excavation allows operators to steer clear of underground utility lines much more easily. Furthermore, the lack of machinery eliminates the risk of accidentally hitting an underground pipe or sewer line. With less risk for tearing up utilities and damaging pipes, projects can be completed promptly with less risk for delays.

Minimal Risk of Injury

The tools used for traditional excavation can be dangerous. Even if workers are highly trained and experienced with these tools, accidents can happen. Unfortunately, accidents with backhoes, diggers, and shovels can lead to serious injury.

Because hydro-excavation only involves the use of an air vacuum and water, it’s a much safer method. In addition to protecting workers from the potential hazards of heavy machinery, hydro-excavation also protects local citizens from the dangers of other methods.

Receive an Estimate Today from Arrow Sewer & Drain

At Arrow Sewer & Drain, we aim to provide professional plumbing repair and replacement services at as little inconvenience to our customers as possible. We’re pleased to offer hydro-excavation for a variety of projects.

Using our state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained specialists can clear an area quickly and safely. Before we begin any excavation, our team ensures it satisfies current municipality and New Jersey state codes. Clients throughout North and Central New Jersey wishing to learn more about hydro-excavation and the benefits it provides should contact us today at Arrow Sewer & Drain.

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