Comparing Costs of Trenchless Sewer Repair vs. Conventional Methods

Homeowner putting coin in piggy bankSewer repairs can be overwhelming. In addition to the inconvenience, many often worry about the financial burden. Fortunately for homeowners, sewer line repair doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Trenchless sewer repair is an efficient, more affordable alternative to conventional methods.

Arrow Sewer & Drain provides quality sewer repairs, as well as inspection, maintenance, and cleaning services, throughout north and central New Jersey. Customers can rely on our extensive experience and prompt services to get the job done. Here, we detail what factors contribute to sewer repair costs and compare trenchless sewer repair with conventional techniques.

What Factors Into Sewer Repair Costs?

Issues with your sewer system are always unpleasant. Repairs are essential to avoid further damage and ensure your system operates properly. The cost of sewer line repairs varies and often depends on the following factors:

Type of Damage

The type and severity of the damage your plumbing system sustains can play a significant role in the cost of services. Minor concerns often cost less than major problems, which usually warrant more invasive repairs.

Location of the Damage

The location of the damaged sewer line impacts how much repairs will cost. Costs can increase if damaged sewer lines are in areas with limited access due to structures or landscaping. This is because these types of jobs require more labor-intensive work, such as excavating, which adds to the overall expenses.


The materials needed to complete a repair job can affect the overall price. In terms of pipe replacement, forgoing clay or cast iron pipes for modern materials like PVC can affect the total cost.

Sewer Line Repair Methods

Perhaps the most significant factor when it comes to determining sewer line repair costs is the method used. The two most common methods are trenchless sewer repair and traditional excavation.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

This repair and pipe replacement method is designed to be an effective solution for property owners, delivering as little disruption as possible. Trenchless sewer repair eliminates the need for invasive digging. Instead, specialists use strategic techniques to yield long-lasting results. Trenchless sewer repair includes the following procedures:

  • Cured-in-place pipe lining: Ideal for sewer line pipes with minimal damage, this method entails technicians pulling resin-saturated tubing into the pipe, preserving the existing line. It creates a restorative seal that lasts up to 50 years.
  • Pipe bursting: Sewer line pipes beyond repair can be replaced using this trenchless sewer repair method. With advanced technology, technicians break apart the existing pipe while simultaneously running a new one in its place.

Conventional Methods

Traditional sewer line repairs involve removing and replacing the damaged pipe. Here, specialists replace damaged pipes with new ones. Specialists complete this by trenching, shoring, and laying the new pipe.

The construction process typically takes multiple stages, prolonging the project timeline. To access the sewer lines, professionals must perform heavy excavation work, which can leave properties disheveled. Conventional sewer line repair methods can be time-consuming, invasive, and expensive.

Trenchless sewer repair can be more affordable and quicker because it involves very minimal excavating compared to traditional tactics.

Trust the Pros at Arrow Sewer & Drain

When it comes to your plumbing system, turn to the team at Arrow Sewer & Drain. With over 40 years of experience in the field, our team specializes in providing reliable and proven sewer line repair services to clients throughout north and central New Jersey. We aim to ensure our services are transparent, honest, and realistic by helping homeowners take financial considerations into account. To learn more about our professional services, contact us today.

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