Excavation equipment removing contaminated soilDuring septic tank removal, there is always a risk of contaminating the surrounding soil. In these situations, the contaminated soil must be removed to maintain the health and safety of the public and preserve the life of nearby plants and animals.

Dedicated to the safety of our clients in north and central New Jersey, Arrow Sewer & Drain works diligently to ensure any job that results in soil contamination is dealt with thoroughly and efficiently. Here, we discuss our removal process.

Removing Contaminated Soil

As part of the plumbing services offered at Arrow Sewer & Drain, we handle all excavating needs. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure each site is excavated with precision and care. Should soil contamination occur, we can handle it quickly with our hydro-excavation process. We are proud to be one of only a few plumbing companies in the area that can offer this service.

Our hydro-excavation process involves using pressurized water. First, our technicians cut through the soil by way of high-pressure water wands, softening the ground. Next, our team will suction the now softened ground into the tank of an excavation truck. After the work is complete, we haul away the soil contaminated with sewage and replenish the area with fresh soil, making sure to leave the property in prime condition.

Why Contaminated Soil Removal Is Important

Contaminated soil poses a variety of potential health threats, making removal imperative. Contaminated sites must be properly cleaned up to prevent potentially hazardous materials from causing harm. Threats of contaminated soil include:

  • Contaminated soil can lead to toxic chemicals being absorbed by nearby ground or surface waters, possibly putting plants and animals in danger or contaminating a human drinking water supply.
  • Toxic chemicals found in contaminated soil can be distributed through wind-borne dust, moving it toward waterways and other outlets.
  • Human contact with contaminated soil, such as inhalation, ingestion, and touch, can potentially result in several health concerns.

Why Choose Arrow Sewer & Drain

At Arrow Sewer & Drain, we believe quality plumbing services and public safety go hand in hand, and we are committed to offering our clients both. When it comes to working with Arrow Sewer & Drain to remove contaminated soil, the advantages include:

  • Expertise: The team at Arrow Sewer & Drain is trained in several different plumbing aspects, including how to remove contaminated soil safely and effectively from a job site.
  • Equipment: To help our team remove any soil that has been contaminated, we use top-of-the-line equipment, which allows us to provide clients with exceptional service while keeping everyone on site safe.
  • Experience: Having spent years serving clients, we understand the need for dependable plumbing services, especially with septic tank removal.

Professional Contaminated Soil Removal Services You Can Count On

Contaminated soil requires swift action. Arrow Sewer & Drain looks to correct this safety concern by offering professional contaminated soil removal services. Our hydro-excavation process will quickly remedy any site that has experienced contamination and restore the area to its original form.

People in central and north New Jersey in need of professional soil removal services can trust the experts at Arrow Sewer & Drain. Our knowledge and 15 years of experience allow us to handle a wide range of jobs. In addition, we offer free estimates to help clients get a better understanding of their contaminated soil removal cost. For more information about contaminated soil removal, or to learn more about septic tank removal in north and central New Jersey, contact us today at family-owned Arrow Sewer & Drain.

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