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Excavating Services in North and Central New Jersey

Arrow Sewer & Drain is a family-owned company that proudly caters to the needs of homeowners and businesses throughout northern and central New Jersey. Experts in sewer and plumbing systems, our technicians are trained to handle a wide variety of projects, including site excavation and contaminated soil removal. Find out more about our services.

An Arrow Sewer & Drain excavator adding dirt to a pile

About Plumbing Excavation

Arrow Sewer & Drain is equipped to handle emergency repairs, scheduled maintenance, and new construction work. For complex jobs, hydro-jetting or scopes may not be enough and excavation becomes a primary step in the process. This may be necessary for several projects, including:

Our technicians also install sump pumps for property owners. Excess standing water can affect ground stability, which increases the risk of rapid sewer system degradation over time. If your yard is prone to collecting water, a sump pump can be used to help keep the area dry.

Our Excavation Services

From the initial estimates to the final steps, Arrow Sewer & Drain is with you throughout each phase of your project. We can excavate to the curb and into the street, if necessary. Our full-service sewer and plumbing company takes care of the following:

  • Obtaining city permits
  • Excavating the site
  • Performing necessary installations and repairs
  • Removing contaminated soil
  • Backfilling the site with new soil
  • Repaving the street

One of the advantages of working with our company is that we use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure each job is completed accurately and on time. While we commonly use traditional excavation equipment, we’re also one of the few companies that offer hydro-excavation. This method uses high-pressure water and an industrial vacuum to penetrate the soil, break it up, and remove it from the site.

A sump pump cap at a central NJ home

Contaminated Soil Removal

As with any septic or sewer excavation project, safety comes first, and preventing land contamination is a primary concern. From cracked sewer lines to damaged septic tanks, soil contamination can occur in a variety of ways. This contamination poses a health risk to you, your neighbors, and wildlife, especially if it seeps into nearby water sources. Our team is trained to safely handle contaminated sites and will remove affected soil as part of the excavation process.

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We’re proud to be a trusted service provider in the north and central New Jersey area – read our customer testimonials to get a sense of our workmanship. For more information about our sewer and plumbing excavation services, contact us today

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