Interior view of a sewer lineTrenchless sewer repair is an effective method of repairing sewer pipes. It doesn’t involve destructively excavating and removing large portions of flooring, foundation, and walls to expose the system’s pipes. Several methods can be used, including cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining.

Arrow Sewer & Drain is proud to offer cured-in-place pipe services and other drain repair and cleaning offerings to residential and commercial clients throughout north and central New Jersey. Here, we detail the timeline of CIPP lining and how long you can expect it to take.

What Is CIPP?

CIPP delivers efficient, long-term solutions for property owners with damaged underground piping systems. Professionals use CIPP repair methods on pipes that are at least 80 percent intact.

This trenchless sewer repair method is effective on aging sewer, water, gas, and industrial pipes. It can extend their lifespan by fifty years or more. CIPP involves installing new pipe lining directly inside the old, failing pipe without requiring excavation for removal or replacement. The newly installed pipe lining works to restore flow capacity, prevent infiltration, and protect against further corrosion. Furthermore, CIPP is often a cost-effective alternative to digging and pipe replacement.

Property owners can elect another trenchless repair method if the pipe is beyond repair. This is called pipe bursting. This method involves breaking the damaged pipe apart and simultaneously running a new one in its place.

CIPP Timeline

Many property owners choose CIPP over other methods because of how quickly professionals can perform it. Experienced and knowledgeable service providers, such as Arrow Sewer & Drain, can complete nearly all CIPP repairs in one day of work. 

CIPP procedure typically involves the following steps:

  • The failing pipe is inspected and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Professionals saturate an absorbent felt fabric liner with a thermosetting resin.
  • Through an access point, technicians insert the liner into the old pipe.
  • Professionals press the liner against the existing pipe’s inner walls with an inflatable bladder.
  • Technicians inject hot water to cure and harden the resin into a smooth, effective pipe liner.
  • Once the curing process is complete, technicians reopen the lateral connection points and reconnect the service lines.
  • Professionals seal the ends of the new liner and restore access points.

CIPP at Arrow Sewer & Drain

The experienced and dedicated team at Arrow Sewer & Drain has been delivering advanced plumbing solutions for over fifteen years. To better serve our clients and meet their specific needs, we use high-quality technology and state-of-the-art equipment when performing CIPP services. Trained technicians operate robotic equipment to ensure they correctly position the liner. Using a curing agent, the resin within the liner hardens in only a few hours. Property owners will have service restored to their pipes that same day.

Contact Us Today About Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining

Property owners in north and central New Jersey seeking an effective sewer pipe solution that doesn’t tear up their landscaping should consider cured-in-place pipe lining services from Arrow Sewer & Drain. Because excavating isn’t required, professionals can complete this trenchless repair method much faster than others.

In addition to our advanced services, Arrow Sewer & Drain is pleased to offer affordable financing. We have partnered with Wisetack to provide our customers with flexible financing options. This allows you to get the services you need now while paying for them over time. Contact us today to learn more about our services throughout north and central New Jersey.

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