A maintenance worker opens a septic tank hatchA properly functioning septic tank is important for many reasons. When your septic tank begins showing signs of age or damage, you may need septic tank removal. Arrow Sewer & Drain is a team of trusted sewer and plumbing specialists serving north and central New Jersey. Here, we outline the signs that a septic tank should be removed.

What Is a Septic Tank?

A septic tank is essentially an underground container made of concrete, polyethylene, fiberglass, or steel. Septic tanks provide wastewater treatment and the breakdown of organic materials. The system also transfers waste downstream for further treatment and dispersal. The septic tank serves as the collection spot for all your home’s wastewater from toilets and drains.

Why Having a Properly Functioning Tank Matters

Understanding how septic systems work is helpful when your septic tank begins showing signs of improper function because it enables you to detect irregular symptoms early on. An untreated septic system failure may cause the release and transport of untreated sewage, including:

  • Sewage flooding the surface of the ground around the tank
  • Backup in the rest of your plumbing pipes
  • Transportation into groundwater, surface water, or marine water, which poses extreme health risks for animals and people
  • Contamination of water sources, making them unsafe for drinking, swimming, shellfish harvesting, and agricultural uses

Reasons for Septic Tank Failure

There are several reasons your septic tank may not be functioning properly. However, the most common cause of septic tank failure is excessive water use. This may occur from a leaky fixture in the home or overuse of water systems by turning on the shower, washer machine, and dishwasher simultaneously. It may even stem from drainage or runoff water outside, including water from roofs, roads, or paved areas that may be diverted onto the drain field and overload the system. Some additional septic tank failure causes include:

  • Poor maintenance or failure to have regulatory inspections
  • Incorrect installation methods or poor design
  • Physical damage to the tank or pipes
  • Roots from trees (You may reduce this risk by planting trees or shrubs 25 feet or more away from the drain field.)

Regardless of the cause of your septic tank issue, it is always best to contact the professionals as soon as you notice signs of damage or improper function to prevent further problems.

Signs That Your Septic Tank Is Old or Damaged

It is important to either inspect your septic tank regularly for signs of damage or to hire a service for annual inspections. This is a great way to ensure optimal function and reduce costs and added trouble. Some indicators that your tank may need to be removed and replaced include:

Sewage Backup

If you notice sewage backing up within the pipes or drains, your tank might need replacement. Some signs of sewage contamination within the drains include gurgling sounds coming from a drain, unusual odors coming from the sinks, showers, or drains, one or more drains moving slower than usual, or sewage backup into the shower or bathtub.

Lawn Issues by the Tank

Another common indication that septic tank removal is needed includes issues with your lawn surrounding the tank, such as a foul smell coming from the lawn and bright green grass with wet spots and a spongy consistency, even if the weather is dry.

If you notice any of these issues or your septic tank hasn’t been pumped in a while, you may require septic tank removal.

Septic Tank Removal Services in North and Central NJ

If you are in north or central NJ and have noticed signs of septic tank failure, look no further than Arrow Sewer & Drain. Not only do we offer septic tank removal services, but we also specialize in plumbing, excavation, and drain repair and cleaning services. Additionally, we are glad to offer free estimates for big jobs such as septic tank removal and city sewer line hookups. For more information, or to schedule your septic tank removal, contact us today.

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