Rain falling into a puddle on a lawnWhen it rains, the water should resolve itself throughout your front, back, and side yards. However, some properties prone to flooding need a little extra care – this is where a sump pump comes in handy. At Arrow Sewer & Drain, we offer a wide range of plumbing services throughout north and central New Jersey, and our experienced technicians are familiar with the risks associated with a soggy yard. Here, we’ll discuss some of the negative effects of standing water and how a modern drainage solution, like a sump pump, can help.

The Trouble With Standing Water

Many properties are designed to minimize flooding during rainstorms, allowing runoff to move toward the curb and enter the community stormwater drainage system. But for some, this may not be enough. In New Jersey, areas like Somerset and Middlesex counties can see upwards of 52 in of rainfall per year. When this water collects, these problematic puddles can take quite some time to dissipate. And this recurring issue can lead to several issues down the road, such as:

  • Killing your grass
  • Attracting mosquitoes
  • Home foundation damage

Excess water also can affect the ground’s stability, which can cause your sewer system to degrade faster than it should. Keeping the area as dry as possible is important for minimizing the need for costly, premature sewer repairs.

Types of Sump Pumps

While there are many ways to direct the flow of water, such as improving your yard’s slope and installing storm drain channels, a sump pump can also help soggy areas dry quickly. These are especially beneficial for protecting your foundation. Many homeowners install a sump pump with a collection tank or pit. When it rains and the tank fills with water, the pump turns on and pushes the water out and away from the house. During periods of prolonged rainfall, you may hear your pump activate repeatedly to keep up with the rapid influx of water.

Basements and crawlspaces are among the most common places to find this household staple, but an exterior sump pump can be installed in a yard to prevent flooding. Exterior sump pumps work much in the same way as interior models, protecting your home’s foundation by directing water away from the house. Because they cover a larger area, it’s best to call on the expertise of a professional plumbing contractor with excavating experience to complete the job.

Improving Yard Drainage With Arrow Sewer & Drain

If Arrow Sewer & Drain determines that a particular location in your yard keeps collecting water, we’re equipped to install a sump pump. From excavating the site to backfilling the area, our team takes care of each step in the process.

Our plumbing contractors will examine your yard to find the ideal location for this type of drainage solution. Depending on the needs of the property, we may dig inlet lines and catch basins that feed into the sump pit from several points to ensure the entire system works as effectively as possible. Most lines in sump pits drain into street gutters, but we can ensure this is allowed by your municipality before starting the project.

Our excavation equipment is state of the art and our team is backed by years of experience, so our customers can feel confident in our handiwork. Working with precision, we’ll make sure to steer clear of the gas and sewer lines that run throughout your property, minimizing the risks of utility outages, ensuring safety, and avoiding extended project times.

Call Our Plumbing Professionals

If there’s an area in your yard that frequently collects water, let Arrow Sewer & Drain help. We can install a sump pump system that will get water away from those low spots and keep your property dry. Our team also specializes in drain repair and cleaning, as well as other services. Additionally, we’re available 24/7 for emergency assistance. If you live in north or central New Jersey, including Somerset and Middlesex counties, contact us today for an estimate on your yard drainage project.

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