Pipe Coating Services in North and Central New Jersey

Pipe coating is a crucial step in proper pipeline and plumbing system maintenance. It is an effective solution for maintaining your system’s pipes without needing to replace them. Specializing in residential and commercial plumbing projects, Arrow Sewer & Drain offers pipe coating as a part of our water main repair services. Learn more about the pipe coating process we deliver to clients in north and central New Jersey.

Coated pipes

Our Pipe Coating Services

One of the biggest threats to a sewer system’s pipes is corrosion. Corroded pipes often lead to cracks and leaks, preventing a system from functioning properly. Although replacing your system’s pipes is a surefire solution, it’s often a costly one. Arrow Sewer & Drain offers clients a cost-effective solution with pipe coating. This added measure helps protect the pipes from further corrosion, acting as a permanent barrier.

With the help of advanced equipment, the team at Arrow Sewer & Drain employs proven methods to professionally coat your system’s pipes. Before beginning a job, we first inspect your system to determine the course of action necessary. The next step involves cleaning the pipeline and preparing it for coating. This can include flushing your pipes and applying other tactics to successfully remove any lingering debris. Once the pipeline is free and clear of all debris and has had enough time to dry, it is now ready for coating.

The amount of pipe coating needed will depend on the size of your pipeline. The larger the pipe, the more coats are recommended for the best results. Coating often takes 48 hours to dry. Once dry, the pipeline is ready for use.

Corroded pipe in need of repair

Pipe Coating Experts in North & Central NJ

A corroded pipe can be devastating to plumbing systems, severely hindering their ability to work correctly and decreasing their reliability. Property owners can help protect their systems from corroded pipes with advanced pipe coating services from the experts at Arrow Sewer & Drain.

We are happy to offer clients free estimates for larger jobs to give them a better understanding of their financial responsibility. Commercial and residential clients in north and central New Jersey interested in learning more about how our team can help protect their sewer system should contact us today at Arrow Sewer & Drain.

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