Septic tank top on a green lawnSelling or buying a home can be complicated, as there are many different components and details to consider. For instance, a septic tank inspection may be necessary if you’re considering buying or selling a property that utilizes this system. Doing so can enable accountable parties to address any major plumbing issues before the sale. That’s where Arrow Sewer & Drain can help. When you need septic tank removal to buy or sell a home, our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team will get the job done quickly and efficiently to make the purchasing or selling process even easier for customers in north and central New Jersey. Here, we discuss the function of a septic tank and why inspections are especially important during real estate transactions.

What Is a Septic Tank?

A septic tank receives wastewater from a building’s plumbing system, breaking down its organic matter and separating its larger debris. The remaining liquid is directed toward the septic system’s drain field where pollutants and other contaminants are neutralized through various carbon materials or an aerobic treatment unit. The filtered water then runs into the soil. These tanks are more often found in rural areas and are sometimes accompanied by wells for potable water, as opposed to using a municipal public water system. Around 20% of all homes in the United States rely on a septic system to filter refuse water.

Consequences of Not Removing an Old Septic Tank

Septic tank abandonment occurs when a system is no longer usable. Despite the name, this does not simply mean leaving an old septic tank in place and moving on. There are proper and improper strategies when abandoning an old septic, and failure to follow the correct procedure can cause significant hazards. For example, the septic tank may fill up with runoff water after being neglected for a time. When this happens, it can be difficult for people and pets to notice an open septic tank lid when passing by, possibly falling into the tank and sustaining serious injuries. Old septic tanks also increase the potential for structural collapse, which can jeopardize items resting above the ground, such as vehicles. It can also obstruct your ability to use the surrounding space for construction, as the ground may not be suitable for laying a foundation. Depending on what the septic tank is close to, a collapse or cave-in may lead to a gas explosion or other risks that affect people and properties.

What to Do Once You Identify an Old Septic Tank

It may be that you recently purchased a home that once used a septic tank. If the previous homeowners switched over to a municipal sewer system at some point before regulations were established regarding septic tank decommission, it’s possible they simply left the system alone. Not every abandoned septic tank will require removal, but some mortgage lenders will require an inspection to minimize their risk. In these cases, you will need to contact an inspector who will provide an assessment of the system. If the inspector finds that decommission or removal is necessary, you can reach out to a contractor, such as Arrow Sewer & Drain, for assistance. While every project may be slightly different, the general process for septic tank removal contains the following steps:
  • Any remaining sewage will be pumped and removed from the tank.
  • The tank is lifted away and completely crushed.
    • Crushing of a septic tank may look different depending on the material (steel, concrete, etc.)
  • The bottom is broken down to ensure water can no longer build up there.
  • New soil is added to the excavation site to provide a firm foundation.
  • The sewage line will be connected to the city system, if not already.

Count on Arrow Sewer & Drain for Professional Septic Tank Removal

Arrow Sewer & Drain has 15 years of experience providing expert service in septic system removal, as well as drainage and sewer repairs, in the north and central New Jersey area. While we cannot perform an initial inspection, we can safely and effectively decommission the system if an inspector recommends a septic system removal. We’re a family-owned company with an outstanding reputation for customer care, offering advanced machinery on all projects, 24-hour emergency service, and free estimates for larger jobs, such as septic tank removal. Contact us today for any questions about our septic tank services.
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