Septic Tank Removal in North and Central New Jersey

If your septic system has reached the end of its lifespan, the experts at Arrow Sewer & Drain have your back. Specializing in residential plumbing and commercial plumbing projects, we offer property owners in north and central New Jersey with professional septic tank removal services and septic tank decommissioning.

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Professionals excavating septic tank in backyard with heavy equipment

Our Septic Tank Removal Services

Septic systems are an ideal solution for properties not connected to city sewer lines. However, they are not meant to last forever. Professionally installed septic systems that receive the proper maintenance can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. But aging septic tanks can lead to a host of issues, resulting in the need for replacement.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and advanced knowledge of septic systems, the team at Arrow Sewer & Drain can safely remove your property’s septic tank at the least amount of inconvenience to you. We always follow the safest and most effective procedures when removing or replacing septic systems. Our removal process includes:

  1. Pumping out and removing any sewage located in the septic tank
  2. Completely crushing the tank if necessary
  3. Breaking the bottom of the tank to ensure proper water drainage
  4. Excavating the area and filling it with new soil

We also provide contaminated soil removal if substances from the septic tank have leached out into the surrounding ground.

Without proper training, it can be difficult to know when a septic system requires replacement. Common signs a system may need to be removed include:

  • Noticeable sewage backing up in the drains or pipes
  • A lawn that is constantly wet or damp in the same spots
  • A foul odor coming from your lawn
  • A septic tank that has reached its life expectancy
Residential sewer line connected to city sewer system

City Sewer Line Hookup

When city sewer systems become available, properties must abandon their septic tank and connect to the city’s lines to comply with local and state ordinances. In these circumstances, Arrow Sewer & Drain will take care of the project every step of the way. Our team will acquire the necessary permits for the city, professionally remove your current system, and complete the sewer hookup to ensure you abide by the law.

Call the Experts in Septic Tank Removal

If your septic tank is no longer functioning properly or is abandoned, reach out to the septic tank removal experts at Arrow Sewer & Drain. Serving homeowners and commercial business owners in north and central New Jersey, our team will remove your septic system safely and correctly.

For larger jobs, we offer free estimates to give customers a better understanding of their financial responsibility. Contact us today to schedule an estimate and learn more about our professional septic tank removal services.

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Ray Gizienski
Ray Gizienski
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We had the pleasure of working with Arrow this past month on a decent sized plumbing project. Mike was quick to come out and take a look at what was needed. Dennis & Sean were out a few days later and were excellent. Can not say enough good things about these guys. Highly recommend!
Karen Wilton
Karen Wilton
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We were beyond pleased with the service that Arrow provided!! The entire group Dennis, Aiden, Manny, Juan and Lenny were the best!! My basement was so clean when they were done and it took them an entire day to fix our sewer pipe!! This is the company to use for any sewer issues. They are honest and try to the what’s right for the customer. I would highly recommend Arrow!!
Lloyd M
Lloyd M
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Arrows was prompt reasonable and they provide me with skilled individuals, that completed a difficult job
Nirva Dalgin
Nirva Dalgin
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Trenchless and reasonably priced
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