Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair Services in North and Central New Jersey

Arrow Sewer & Drain specializes in comprehensive plumbing solutions. Serving residential and commercial customers in northern and central New Jersey, including Somerset and Middlesex counties, our team is backed by years of experience to provide a trusted resource in the area. Learn more about our sewer repair services and state-of-the-art equipment.

Sewer Video Inspections

At Arrow Sewer & Drain, our sewer repairs begin with an in-depth inspection. Video inspection services help us diagnose issues and identify the location of the problem. This process involves inserting a small sewer scope and camera through the line and seeing what’s inside. Whether it’s a crack in the pipe or a foreign object, we can recommend possible solutions after figuring out exactly what needs to be done.

Plumbing Excavation

Sewer manhole coverTo service your underground sewage system, excavating is part of our process. Arrow Sewer & Drain can excavate your property to the curb and into the street, depending on your project’s needs. One way to do this is to dig a trench using traditional excavation equipment. Hydro-excavation is also available, which involves removing soil with pressurized water and an air vacuum. In many instances, this modern alternative offers greater control and avoids damage.

Once your project is complete, Arrow Sewer & Drain will refill the trench, repave the street, and remove soil that’s been contaminated with sewage to ensure your property is safely intact.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Services

Arrow Sewer & Drain’s trenchless sewer repair and replacement services are designed to fix issues with as little disruption to your property as possible. These innovative solutions often require little-to-no digging, which saves project time and labor costs. Depending on the project and materials used, this method yields long-lasting results and may involve the following:

  • Pipe lining: If a sewage pipe is only minimally damaged, technicians can insert fresh pipe lining to remedy the issue.
  • Pipe bursting: Through this method, technicians break apart an old pipe and immediately replace it with a new one. While more work is involved, this type of project doesn’t require extensive excavation. 

Reach Out to Arrow Sewer & Drain in NJ

Our team will walk you through each step of the process, ensuring you fully understand the scope of your project. We also take care of city permits for each residential and commercial project to minimize the hassle for our customers in north and central New Jersey. View our customer testimonials for more information about our sewer repair services, or contact us to schedule a free estimate today.

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