Worker clearing blocked sewer line with hydro-jettingHave you noticed a foul smell or wet spots near your home or business? These could be signs of a leaking sewer line, which can cause health and safety problems if left untreated. Arrow Sewer & Drain provides drain and sewer repairs for residents and businesses throughout north and central New Jersey. Here, our expert plumbers share signs to help you spot a sewer line leak and learn when it’s time to get help.

Sewer Leak Red Flags to Watch For

The main sewer line in your home or business is crucial to keeping your plumbing working efficiently. This large pipe moves the waste from your place to the sewer, and if it clogs or leaks, the consequences can be disastrous. Effects of a leaking sewer line can include sewer gas poisoning, contaminated water, health issues and gastrointestinal problems, home damage, and more. It’s important to know the signs of a sewer line leak so you can identify it and repair it promptly if this happens to your home or business.

Signs you may have a leaking sewer line include the following:

  • A foul smell of sewage or sulfur in the basement or yard
  • Wet patches, puddles, or flooding in the yard
  • Areas of thicker, greener grass from sewer contents
  • Presence of pests such as bugs and rodents
  • Gurgling noises from the pipes
  • Water damage or leakage in your home
  • Tinted or colored water 
  • A large increase in your water bill

If you notice these symptoms, it’s best to contact a professional plumber promptly to avoid further damage, health issues, and costly and extensive repairs. It’s also recommended to practice preventive measures, like flushing only toilet paper and no other materials, managing tree roots, and scheduling routine inspections and maintenance. Arrow Sewer & Drain offers comprehensive plumbing solutions, including sewer line repair services, and we have fifteen years of knowledge and experience to provide our customers with the best services possible.

Why Choose Arrow Sewer & Drain?

Arrow Sewer & Drain is a minority- and family-owned business that provides a wide range of plumbing, excavation, and sewer repair services. There are many reasons our clients trust us for their plumbing needs, including these:

  • Fifteen years of experience in the industry
  • State-of-the-art equipment, including robotic arms and grinders that can be operated remotely
  • 24/7 emergency service, including after-hours plumbing, on-call plumbing, and weekend plumbers
  • Twenty-five plumbing technicians with forty years combined experience
  • Innovative techniques, such as trenchless sewer repair and hydro jet drain cleaning, that reduce the need for excavation
  • Financing available up to $25,000
  • Licensed and registered by the state and Board of Consumer Affairs
  • Free estimates for larger jobs such as excavating and sewer repair
  • 5 percent discount for all military, law enforcement, senior citizens, and veterans
  • Partnerships with other plumbing companies for further expertise available

Whatever type of services you need, from inspection and excavation to trenchless sewer repair and replacement, Arrow Sewer & Drain can get the job done efficiently. To find out more about what our previous customers think of us and our services, check out our testimonials page.

Contact Arrow Sewer & Drain Today

If you’ve recently observed signs of a leaking sewer line in your home, act fast to prevent further damage and problems. Arrow Sewer & Drain serves residential and commercial customers throughout north and central New Jersey and can help you with your sewer or drain problem, too. Contact us today to learn more or get started.

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