Traditionally, a broken or damaged sewer line would result in digging a very large trench, sometimes leading all the way from the house to the road. This amount of digging accounts for a lot of hard labor and can take days on end, resulting in costly and inconvenient repairs. On the other hand, trenchless sewer repair is a more modern method that aims to replace sewer pipes without the extra labor and potential damage that comes with traditional, trench-digging services. Arrow Sewer & Drain serves north and central New Jersey. Here, we discuss the many benefits of trenchless sewer repair and explain how the process works.

Traditional Sewer Repair vs. Trenchless Sewer Repair

Performed by plumbing professionals who are trained in waste management safety, trenchless sewer repair offers many benefits over traditional processes. Understanding the differences between the two repair methods is helpful in choosing which service route to take if sewer damage ever arises. This advancement in sewer repair has been in the making for years, as the industry has worked hard to make sewer restoration simpler and more effective. Some key advantages of trenchless sewer repair in comparison to trench-digging methods include:

Less Property Damage and Disruption

Traditional sewer repair methods would often disrupt properties since a trench would need to be dug to follow the entire sewer line. Any landscaping, hardscaping, or items in the way of the sewer line path would be affected. And it’s possible to damage utility lines along the way. However, with trenchless sewer repair, you enjoy less property damage and will not need to worry about replacing your landscaping.

Repairs Are Completed in a Timely Matter

Unlike traditional sewer repairs which can take days, perhaps even upward of 2 weeks, trenchless sewer repairs can be completed in just a few hours. With the trenchless repair method, the crew will only need to dig two access holes and then run a new pipe or build a new one using epoxy. This replaces massive excavating tasks, lowering the amount of time it’ll take to get your property back on track.

Results Are Long-Lasting

In the past, materials such as copper and plastic piping were used for home sewer systems. These older materials tend to be weaker and more susceptible to breakage and damage. Today, trenchless sewer repair lines are made of stronger, more durable materials that will hold up well over time. Additionally, they tend to be far more environmentally conscious than those used in the past.

Less of an Overall Disturbance

The excavation process can cause a variety of inconveniences, not just for the crew and the customer, but for others, as well. Not only does the customer become inconvenienced due to the loss of all sewer services in their home during the repair timeline, but sometimes the crew will need to block off streets and roads. Trenchless sewer repairs usually mean far less neighborhood disruption.

While trench digging sewer line repairs were a successful and common method in the past – and still may be necessary in some cases – there are several advantages to trenchless sewer line services. Professional plumbers take extra care to provide long-lasting solutions and ensure each repair meets high-quality standards.

Find Skilled Sewer Repair Technicians in North and Central Jersey 

Whether your sewer line has burst, become clogged, or just isn’t functioning correctly, Arrow Sewer & Drain can help. We offer a wide variety of sewer and plumbing services, such as drain repair and cleaning, plumbing, and contaminated soil removal. If you are in north or central New Jersey, including Somerset and Middlesex counties, and are having difficulty with your sewer line, contact us today to ask about trenchless sewer repair services.

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