Plumber cleaning out septic tank drainSewer problems can be disruptive and gross and can even cause health problems if left untreated. It’s important to know the signs of sewer problems so you can get them fixed promptly and avoid more extensive repairs. At Arrow Sewer & Drain, we offer trenchless sewer repair and other sewer and drain services throughout north and central New Jersey. Here, we’ll share sewer red flags to look out for and information about trenchless sewer repair.

What Is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless sewer repair is a newer method of sewer repair that doesn’t involve digging large trenches underground and excavating the pipes. Rather, it consists of digging small access points into the ground and repairing or replacing the existing pipes using robotic equipment. At Arrow Sewer & Drain, we’re an innovator of trenchless sewer repair and have the state-of-the-art equipment needed to complete all kinds of jobs. We use a few minimally invasive methods to complete the process:

Our team will perform a thorough inspection and analysis of your sewer problems to determine whether trenchless repair is suitable, and if so, what method is best.

Some of the benefits of trenchless sewer repair over excavation include lower cost, shorter project length, less property damage, undisturbed landscaping, and long-lasting repairs. Trenchless sewer repair can also be done on most types of pipes, including clay, cast iron, concrete, fiberglass, copper, plastic, and steel pipes in both residential and commercial properties. Once pipes are restored using trenchless repair, they can last as long as fifty years. Check out our article about some of the materials used for trenchless sewer repair to learn more.

Red Flags to Watch For

A sewage system is a crucial part of keeping your home running smoothly. If it’s experiencing issues, these can cause further damage and costly repairs. Problems with your sewage system can be caused by tree roots, clogs, cracked or corroded pipes, and even extreme temperatures. It’s important to be able to recognize any red flags of a sewer problem so you can get it fixed swiftly. Here are some of these signs:

  • Slow draining
  • Persistent clogs
  • Foul odors inside or outside the house
  • Wastewater and sewage backups
  • Sunken areas or puddles in the yard
  • Noises coming from the toilet
  • Cracked or damaged foundation
  • Unexplained increase in water bills

It’s best to contact a professional plumbing or sewage company like Arrow Sewer & Drain when you notice these signs. This way, your sewer line repair may be able to proceed using a less invasive method, like trenchless sewer repair, rather than requiring a full excavation, saving you time and money.

Contact Us Today for Trenchless Sewer Repair

If you’ve noticed sewer red flags on your property, act on them now to avoid a bigger headache down the road. Arrow Sewer & Drain is a family-owned and -operated business with more than fifteen years of experience in the plumbing and sewer repair industry. We’re dedicated to our customers and show this in many ways, including offering 24-hour emergency services, financing, and discounts for law enforcement, veterans, military, and senior citizens. Contact us today to learn more about our trenchless sewer repair services or to schedule a visit.

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