Sewer line pipe cut open exposing infestation of tree roots

Trees and other shrubbery help elevate properties and increase their appeal. While these landscaping elements look beautiful above ground, however, their roots from below can create serious problems for property owners. Roots naturally seek out water. That means they can potentially end up in your sewer line. If this happens, roots will expand, wreaking havoc on the entire system.

Property owners should be aware of the dangers associated with root intrusion and how to handle it. Here, the sewer repair specialists at Arrow Sewer & Drain, serving property owners throughout north and central New Jersey, explain the proper course of action for property owners who discover root intrusion in their sewer lines.

How Does Root Intrusion Happen?

Like all living things, trees need water to survive. Roots grow toward moisture so it can be absorbed and used for growth and nutrient transportation. Sewer lines that have even the slightest crack or misaligned joints can be an open invitation for roots.

Once inside, roots thrive in their newfound water source. They continue to expand and multiply, eventually creating a blockage. Because there is only so much room inside a sewer line pipe, root intrusion can result in more severe consequences, such as cracked pipes.

Homeowners can easily detect root intrusion issues within their pipes before they worsen. The common signs that indicate your sewer line has been overrun by roots are:

  • Slow-moving drains and backups
  • A foul stench of sewage coming from drains or around the property
  • Wet, soggy, or lush spots of grass
  • Gurgling noises coming from toilets and drains after use

How to Remove Roots in a Sewer Line

If you notice any of the signs pointing to root intrusion in your sewer line pipe, it’s important to take immediate action. Waiting can have severe consequences. There are different approaches property owners can take when attempting to remove roots, such as:

DIY Approach

DIY enthusiasts who know the location of tree root damage can attempt to remove the roots themselves. Although this method can be cost-effective, it is not recommended. That’s because this type of job requires extensive knowledge and specialized equipment. Property owners can end up creating more damage and affecting the functionality of their plumbing system by trying to fix the problem themselves.

Hire a Professional

The most effective method of removing tree roots from your sewer line is hiring a professional like Arrow Sewer & Drain. We specialize in pinpointing the location of infestation, clearing out the roots, and repairing pipes to prevent future intrusion.

To minimize disruption and keep the integrity of your property, we use trenchless sewer repair whenever possible. This method allows us to repair your pipes and remove tree roots without needing to dig them up. Because no large excavation work is required, clients can expect faster results, allowing them to return to normal life much quicker. Expedited job completion is just one of the many benefits of trenchless sewer repair.

Call Us If You Suspect Root Intrusion in Your Sewer Line

If your plumbing system is no longer working as it should, and you believe it’s because of a root intrusion in your sewer line, turn to the experienced team at Arrow Sewer & Drain. Serving clients in north and central New Jersey, we have the tools and expertise to locate the source of intrusion and remove the roots at little inconvenience to you. To learn more about the options for fixing root intrusion and why trusting our team is your best bet, contact us today at Arrow Sewer & Drain.

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